Media SEA


Vanksen can help you through every stage of your media project

  • Online advertising platforms have made significant progress and today they offer ever more efficient reliable and innovative formats.
  • From purely branding orientated campaigns designed to improve your brand and its reputation, to performance related campaigns targeting specific audiences, a wide range of opportunities are within reach.
  • Our agency’s expert media planning team use key tools such as Google Display, RTB, retargeting, Facebook Ads, YouTube Trueview or Google Adwords on a daily basis.

In order to reach this level of efficiency, our SEA & media planning experts start by outlining the goals of your digital campaign: Higher visibility? Greater traffic to your website? Lead Generation? Further, better quality interactions?

Once your ambitions have been made clear, our agency’s media team suggest a tailor-made strategic media plan and choose the KPIs that will delight your management.

They will then help you to develop strong, clear messages, organise media campaigns and optimise them every day to ensure that your initial goals are met.