Work with Vanksen: an agency who will become an expert in your field, delivering exceptional and creative search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

  • Are your website’s metrics low?
  • Is your traffic still not getting off the ground, despite having an attractive, user-friendly and efficient UI? Is reading your Google Analytics dashboard giving you a headache?

Our SEO team has plenty of hints and solutions to offer you:

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or natural referencing, as it is sometimes called, was Vanksen’s original area of expertise. It is key to driving users straight to your website.

Ensuring constant, high-quality traffic, and guaranteeing your visibility to the right audience is our top priority. To achieve this, our SEO experts make full use of their knowledge, whether this is through technical know-how, SEO linking, or semantic optimisation.

Informed by statistical and performance analysis, our SEO experts decide on the best ranking strategy and help you prioritise which SEO actions to undertake.

Whether it's a website redesign or optimisation project, the agency’s SEO experts are here to support you every step of the way. At any stage, whether it's the creation of the website structure, the graphic design phase, monitoring your progress to ensure your technology is robot-friendly, or creating strong links from trusted websites to yours, our agency's specialists know what it takes to build a reputable, high-traffic website.

Our SEO specialists also offer content creation services: by carrying out a study of your brand's SEO potential, this allows you to define editorial strategies relevant to your audience. The content created is thus properly optimised for search engines, where not a single tag or keyword will be missed out in order to maximise your website's indexation and ranking potential.

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