Work with our agency to kick-start your social media marketing and E-CRM initiatives

It has certainly not escaped your notice that communication is now impossible without social media.

  • But what kind of ROI can really be expected from it?
  • And how can we measure that ROI?
  • How can we use the partnership potential offered by social media to bring you closer to current and prospective clients?

These are questions that our agency's social media experts tackle on a daily basis.

Their mission? To enable you to communicate effectively across social media, allowing you to promote your brand and products, while at the same time, giving you the correct tools to test and evaluate the true impact of your initiatives.

Committed to both the means and the message, our agency's social media marketing experts have mastered creating animated GIFs, communicating in languages exclusive to specific platforms, and deriving meaningful insights from Social Media Metrics.

From defining your brand content strategy to rolling it out across social media platforms, the agency's team of copywriters, community managers, project managers and social media marketing managers are here to help at every stage of your project's development.

Our team manage the daily creation of editorial and marketing strategies, advertising schedules, community management and moderation, e-CRM, social media content promotion, advergames creation, and influencer outreach, all with a view to keeping our clients' hundreds of thousands of fans engaged.

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