Vanksen can advise you, in effectively planning and implementing your digital marketing strategy.

Perhaps you have a digital campaign, or rather, you have objectives, but you aren't quite sure how to best meet them.  Or maybe you need a bit of help streamlining your strategy. Either way, we can help.

From the initial brief to carrying out a comprehensive strategic vision, Vanksen’s Consultancy team can help you create and implement both digital and offline action plans.

Passionate about branding and all things digital, our agency’s consultants bring together our strategic resources and expertise, laying out brand discourse strategies to solve your problems, whether these involve corporate communications, product marketing, BtoB, or BtoC.

Without ever imposing their vision on you, our consultants are always here to suggest solutions. We believe that a successful initiative is not built by a single person and requires the flexibility to evolve and develop over time.

Our agency’s consultants listen attentively to your needs, using their great capacity for analysis to get submerged into your brand and to come up with marketing strategies that suit you.

Here’s a glimpse of the different methods that our digital communication strategy experts use:

  • Target audience analysis and the creation of personas
  • Benchmark, competitive intelligence, strategic planning
  • Brand audit (SWOT analysis, digital ecosystem analysis, gap analysis)
  • Defining SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) and KPIs
  • Putting in place key messages, brand promises, brand discourse strategy, and brand architecture
  • Continuity and livelihood strategy (PLEASE and TOMSTER frameworks), tactical marketing
  • Digital conception (definition of digital ecosystems, information architecture, interaction graphs, user journeys, ergonomics, UX)

… in order to find the right answer to your problems.

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