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Social Media

In a world of consumers who are making increasing demands of brands and their communication channels, advertisers must more than ever refine their strategies. A coherent and regular discourse with their audiences, allowing them to support the brand's objectives: raising awareness, engagement, traffic to the digital ecosystem, conversion rates, loyalty... is essential.

Joffrey Martin, Social media Director

Making your brand stand out in the communities that interest you is the main objective when communicating on social media. It is about generating engagement and value, by developing global and local content strategies on the platforms that are most tactically important to you.

  • Defining coherent social media strategies that support our clients' objectives and differentiate them from the competition
  • Deployment of strategies on all mainstream social networks including TikTok
  • Day-to-day editorial support with content creation, editorial planning, and the creation of news-related statements
  • Creative support with the production of high added value content in partnership with our design department
  • Design and deployment of output at key moments, particularly mini event-sites which engage and create awareness 
  • Setting up conversational chatbots to animate communities or support content moderation
  • Daily moderation and community management of all public and private interactions on our clients' ecosystems. Relationships with customer services to manage after-sales interactions
  • Creation and deployment of influencer marketing tools to support brand visibility and the objectives of our social media strategies
  • Assisting in the deployment and management of social media management and gamification tools
  • Provision of on the ground resources for live community management. particularly during events
  • Monitoring and reporting on all actions taken

0+active clients

0+posts created and published monthly

0+live events shared on social media yearly

Our areas of expertise

  • Definition of social media strategies (8 social networds covered: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube)
  • Setting up an employee advocacy strategy
  • Daily editorial support on all public channels
  • Creating landmark events and specific campaigns on social networks
  • Support during influence marketing campaigns
  • Live community management to relay events
  • Community moderation and client relationship management
  • Monitoring and reporting

0M+ social media interactions generated each month

0K+messages moderated monthly

0K+opt-ins recruited for our clients over the year