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Audience monitoring and performance analysis

As an Analytics agency, we place your traffic analysis at the center of our services offering.
We help you evaluate your digital strategy’s performance by tracking, collecting, measuring, reporting and analyzing your data in order to guide your website optimization and web marketing actions.

Collect qualified data

Our targeting plans' accuracy is pushed to the max: source, interaction, time spent, bounce rate optimization, users behavior analysis, conversion, sales figures, shopping carts analysis… you can know everything on your users while remaining GDPR-compliant, of course.

Analyze then decide

This source of information is precious for all optimization tasks related to UX/UI, media campaigns or your communication actions in general. It allows you to make decisions based on reliable and accurate information. Web analytics are essential to each and every department of the agency: SEO, Media, UX-UI, SMO and web development as well!

Monitor what matters

Clarity and efficiency are essential for your reports in order to understand how performance evolves and know what levers you should activate.

Free yet powerful web analytics tools

The Google suite offers extensive and intuitive tools while being free, flexible and widely mastered by web experts. As a web analytics agency, we too master these solutions: from advanced tagging plans, analytics account setup to the creation of cross-expertises dashboards, from the most concise to the more detailed, we can do it all. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a staple when talking audience measurements tools. It has many advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Complete
  • Powerful – it offers natively all the tools you need to operate very precise qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Can be used easily and instinctively with others Google Services such as Search Google, Google AdWords…

Google Tag Manager

Combined to Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager is the perfect tool for your tags management:

  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Allows to intervene quickly in case of issues or sporadic updates without the need of a developers team
  • Allows to integrate external scripts, conversion pixels, etc.

Google Data Studio

A very complete solution for your reporting dashboard automatisation

  • Totally customizable 
  • Easy integration of data coming from others Google Solutions (Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, DCM, YouTube)
  • Link with Google Sheet, SQL or imported .csv files
  • Sharing and export made easy
  • Real-time data updates

A certified team

Our analytics team performs a daily tech watch to keep their knowledge up to date in order to always offer the best services possible. We are holders of the following certifications:

Google Analytics assessment

  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Analytics Academy

  • Google Analytics Platform Principles
  • Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
  • Google Analytics Beginners
  • Google Analytics Advanced
  • Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions
Tailor-made solutions

Our team adapts to the tools you use and develop reporting solutions within your existing platforms: Omniture, Xiti, Webtrends…

Our references

Our analytics team set up tracking solutions in order to monitor the performance of your websites and campaigns.

Joué Club

e-commerce tagging

Universal Analytics

Setting up of an advanced e-commerce tracking solution using Universal Analytics

  • We split the sales revenues sources into several categories for a better tracking:
    • Sales revenues by brand
    • Sales revenues by Hero
    • Sales revenue by age
    • Sales revenue by price category...
  • Complete tracking of the conversions tunnels and buying behaviours

Clear and concise dashboards designs allowed us to have quick yet complete overviews of the main KPIs


Landing pages and campaigns optimization

Landing pages optimization

  • Set up of AB testing campaigns in order to define the most effective template

Campaigns optimization

  • Deployment of tracking setups in order to monitor specific KPIs
  • Tracking of conversion-triggering CTA (micro-conversion)
  • Conversion pixels setups (AdWords, Facebook) to allow media teams to optimize their campaigns


  • Analytics account setup


E-commerce tracking

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager and datalayers deployment

  • Usual tracking (interactions, external links clicks, social media redirections…)
  • Specific tracking (videos views, interactions with every element of the homepage)
  • Conversion tracking (leds, micro conversions)
  • Conversion pixels deployment to help media teams monitor their campaigns
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