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While our professional environment keeps reinventing itself, our teams maintain high levels of energy, motivation and performance because they are fulfilled intellectually and nurtured by the quality of our relationships.
In the digital world, one must learn new things each day. If you disconnect, you will quickly lose your bearings, or worse, get bored.
Armand Lebrun - Managing Director

Every effort is made to encourage initiative amongst our team members so that they can:

  • Receive appropriate training regarding their missions andand professional development ambitions (international conferences, trainings, coaching, etc.)
  • Share their knowledge and learnings with colleagues (during our internal “break and share lunches”)
  • Share their personal interests and hobbies (through autonomous clubs around cinema, boxing, art, board games...).

Our culture: #WorkHardPlayHard

We operate effectively and flexibly (offices, co-working, satellite offices, remote working, etc.) and regularly celebrate our wins and our togetherness. We belong to an agency where people actually enjoy hanging out after work (summer party, pétanque night, Halloween, New Year's party, etc.).

Want to join our team?

Our managers are continuously on the lookout for bright individuals that share our values and mindset: work hard, play hard, always in a caring, humble and supporting way. At least, that's what our most recent internal survey (held in September 2022) indicates.

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We need to keep having fun, challenge ourselves and learn. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have picked this field.
Cécile Lorenzini - Managing Director

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Through our own digital ecosystem, we like to share the insights and best practices we uncover and conceive with our clients and partners (talks, interviews, articles and white papers from our experts, case studies – some of which are co-created with our clients, our innovations, our new offers and services, etc.)

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