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2018 UX & Web Design Trends

Posted by:Samuel Mazars

Data & UX Director

Performance is in the details

In order to build and maintain a strong and engaging relationship with your online communities, it is not enough to offer high quality content through a strategically developed digital ecosystem.

Just as most of human communication is nonverbal, your brand’s expression is conveyed through the sum of all your design choices : from the typography you use to the way you build your sentences and the algorithms that deliver the information you are sharing.

Three categories of trends: aesthetic, interaction and architecture

Our expert teams detected the 2018 user experience and web design trends and sorted them out between three main categories : aesthetic, interaction and architecture.

An internet user needs to not only understand easily what they see (read, watch or hear), but they need to find their ways around your platforms and enjoy the experience along the way.

Here is a short list of the major trends we analyzed for you:

  • Aesthetic: Cinemagraph, Colorful gradients, Masta font, Serif font
  • Interaction: Full screen search, Natural Language Form, Micro interactions, Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG)
  • Architecture: Asymmetric design, Split screen, Bot Page

3 types of insights: UX, creative and SEO

In our comprehensive whitepaper, you will also find that each trend is explained through there types of insights: UX insight, Creative insight and SEO insight. This way you will not only be brought up to date with the current best practices but you will also fully grasp the benefits these new approaches and tools can offer your brand in terms of creativity and performance.

You may discover the full study here and if you have a digital communication and marketing related brief for our teams, contact us.