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Learnings from the Digital Pharma Summit 2023

Posted by:Davouth Op

Client Director

We were at the Digital Pharma Summit 2023 which took place in Brussels. Our experts were delighted to attend this event organized by Digimedia. The central theme was: “How is pharma succeeding in building new partnerships and nurturing ecosystems?

Conferences focused on the latest innovations and challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, such as how to ensure data privacy and security, how to integrate new technologies into existing processes, and how digital solutions can improve peer knowledge transfer and the outcomes for patients.

Here are a few of the key trends that were addressed amongst participants and speakers:

  1. Personalized Medicine
    Specialists are increasingly taking into account a patient's genetic makeup, lifestyle, and environment in order to create personalized treatment plans.
  2. Digital Health
    Digital technologies such as mobile health apps, wearables and telemedicine are being used to improve patient outcomes, remote patient monitoring and disease management.
  3. Risk and Price Management
    Innovative approaches such as the development of biologics (drugs made from living organisms) and Biosimilars (biologic alternatives that are similar to already approved medicine) allow risk and price reduction in a highly competitive and regulated market.
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics
    These approaches are being used in drug discovery, clinical trial design, earlier disease detection and prevention.
  5. Omnichannel digital marketing
    Designing an integrated communication ecosystem based on their online behavior is key to gather data and reach patients and health professionals in a cookieless era.
  6. The internet of things and Web3
    From the manufacturing to the management of the entire supply chain, new technologies improve productivity and safety requirements (use of robotics, blockchain, cybersecurity, digital twins, voice activated digital application…).

For example, in April 2022, Geisinger and Eisai announced their plans of testing the effectiveness of an AI algorithm in identifying individuals who are at risk of developing dementia. 

However, such collaborations must be tailor designed to help the pharma organizations reach their objectives while helping them stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape with so many regulatory constraints (promotion of drugs, OTC or medical devices), complexity and uncertainty.


For each digital marketing goal, a custom strategy needs to be developed.

The level of precision needs to be higher in the pharma sector than in any other as the line between communication and medical information must remain very clear and well respected. 

We can notice disruptive approaches being adopted. For instance, health professionals Pharma players are currently booming on Tik Tok but each player must always start by analyzing their audience before building their communication strategy and make sure they are legitimate to address the topics integrated into their brand content.