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How we boosted the promoted an exhibition for an entertainment actor to raise awareness and convert Brussels audiences into ticket sales  

Culturespaces is a leader in creating digital art centers and immersive exhibitions in France and internationally.

The challenge

Culturespaces entrusted us with its media strategy for the "Tintin: An Immersive Adventure" exhibition, with a dual objective: building its brand awareness in Belgium and ticket sales.

The project and its results

Our understanding of the Belgian market enabled us to propose a dual-entry digital strategy (awareness and conversions) with a tailored media plan commensurate with the brand's ambitions, as it was venturing into the Belgian territory for the first time. 

In addition to an online media strategy, including Google and Meta networks, we also supported Culturespaces with a CRM activation strategy. By entrusting us with message definition, design, and identifying key moments, it's a cross-expertise service facilitated by a dedicated project manager that enabled our strategy to perform. 

Beyond our media expertise, our physical presence in Brussels and our understanding of the Brussels audience were significant assets in building a trusted relationship between Culturespaces and Vanksen. 

It was also with full confidence that the production of the promotional video was entrusted to our videographer partners, 87s

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