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Technical challenges such as security, durability, accessibility, and scalability have significant business implications. At Vanksen, we provide expert guidance to help you navigate these challenges and make informed decisions that optimize the performance, universality, eco-design, and ease of maintenance of your web applications.

Julien Grossio, Technical Director

While low-code and no-code tools have made it easier to develop applications and websites, ensuring that these platforms are scalable and effective across different countries still requires a high level of expertise. At Vanksen, we put you in control and help you overcome your current and future digital challenges.

Our mission is to use technology to meet the needs of your users and your business objectives.

With over 20 years of experience, our team of technical experts, including web architects and back/front end developers, have the knowledge and expertise to provide consulting, development, and maintenance services for your digital platforms.

Technical consulting

Our team of web architects is dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible outcome for your project. From the initial stages of collaboration, we work with you to analyze your needs and recommend the most suitable technical solutions.

We also provide ongoing support throughout the life cycle of your digital platforms, from auditing and designing to optimizing them. 

Our customized services are designed to help you achieve your digital ambitions and ensure that your platforms are tailored to your specific requirements.

We work upstream of the development process in order to determine the optimal approach in designing your digital platform. This way we can meet your goals, your users’ needs and your business challenges.

Our web architects have the capacity to act as an interface between your IT, marketing, product, design and sales teams. We help you define your functional and technical needs, and offer our expertise to help structure your project upstream of the production phase. We can use either agile, waterfall or a hybrid methodology, depending on your operational, human and financial circumstances.

Our world is moving quickly, and digital platforms must keep pace in terms of functionality, accessibility, user-friendliness and eco-design.
Our expert teams are trained to master professional standards and norms such as WCAG 2.1, RGAA 4.1 
They can therefore adopt an eco-conception "by-design" approach when creating universal websites and online applications for your brand.

The development of optimized web applications requires an architecture adapted to the needs of the project and hosting structured to enable scalability and loading performance.

Thanks to Vanksen’s Web Architect profiles who have devops skills, we can support you in defining and implementating ad hoc server and software setups, to optimize your digital platforms from A to Z (hosting -> backend -> frontend).

As your end customers use your digital platforms mainly on the move, it is important to optimize the development of your applications to make them accessible to as many people as possible. This is even more crucial on your e-commerce platforms, where the loading time directly impacts the conversion rate.

Vanksen offers performance audit and optimization services through various levers: back and frontend source code optimization, unused feature decommissioning, cache and CDN system implementation, server optimizations, etc.

Your web application is often your only interface between the real and the digital world. It is essential to ensure its security and legal compliance to preserve brand equity.

Our web development expert teams support you to guarantee the security of your applications and are trained in OWASP, CVE/CWE standards and source code security techniques. In addition, we use SAST analysis tools to continuously check the status of our productions and their safety.

Working in synergy with internal legal teams, specialized in web platforms, we are also able to support you in bringing your digital platforms into legal compliance, according to the standards and laws that concern you (GDPR, e-commerce specificities, etc).

Thanks to its team of multidisciplinary experts, our digital agency can support you on audit missions for your digital platforms on various aspects: 

  • Security & compliance
  • Performance & scalability
  • Management takeover


As enthusiasts of Open-Source technology, we are committed to leveraging our experience and expertise to create custom digital platforms tailored to your needs. Our team of web developers possess both frontend and backend specializations, while our web architects ensure seamless operation of your digital projects in accordance with industry standards.

We rely on renowned and efficient technologies such as PHP and NodeJS for our backend systems (including Symfony, Drupal, Magento, Sylius, WordPress, Strapi, and ExpressJS), and we utilize state-of-the-art systems such as ReactJS and NextJS, GSAP, and WebGL for our frontend productions. Our expertise in these diverse tools enables us to recommend the best solutions to meet your business objectives and constraints.

We have been developing websites since the creation of our agency. We are experienced in working with various approaches, such as monolithic or decoupled, depending on the specific parameters of your project.

Our focus on a selection of Open Source technologies supported by large communities of international developers allows us to guarantee the security, maintenance, and adaptability of your website. We are committed to using proven technologies that are regularly updated and maintained to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Technologies used: Drupal, WordPress, Strapi, Symfony.

Our experts have extensive experience in building website factories using open source technologies. This innovative approach allows you to achieve significant economies of scale and streamlines the deployment and management of multiple websites across multiple countries.
To build your web factory, we rely on the Drupal CMF, a flexible and secure open source content management framework. Drupal's open source nature allows for a highly customizable and extensible platform, providing a rich feature set and enabling us to build scalable, high-performing websites tailored to your specific requirements.

We take pride in using open source technologies that are regularly updated and maintained by large communities of international developers, ensuring the security, reliability, and adaptability of your web factory. Whether you need a monolithic or decoupled architecture, our team of experts can help you design, develop, and maintain your web factory with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

You can count on us to ensure the architecture, design and production on all kinds of projects, whether you want to publish a B2C service platform, an internal management tool specific to your brand, an extranet application to build customer loyalty, a Progressive Web App (PWA) or another business solution accessible via a network.

We develop such platforms through architecture and decoupled solutions, allowing us to overcome the limitations of monolithic tools and to work on high-performance and adaptive technologies.

Technologies used: Strapi, Symfony, Drupal, ReactJS / NextJS.

Online sales have been steadily increasing globally for a few years and the trend has accelerated due to the COVID19 pandemic crisis.
It has become essential for a brand to offer a real, well designed, personalized and efficient e-commerce experience, . Vanksen supports you in your e-commerce projects through a tailor-made approach.

The Vanksen web development team has a solid experience that allows them to offer solutions adapted to your markets’ and your business objectives:  choice of technology, international scaling, development and setup of ERP, PIM, DAM connectors, and other third-party services.

Technologies used: Magento, Sylius, Drupal Commerce, WooCommerce. 

The development of frontend solutions such as ReactJS, Angular or VueJS have made decoupled architectures into key performance, security and agility enablers for the development of a digital platform.

At Vanksen, we have been experimenting with this type of architecture for several years, and we have now acquired significant experience in this area. We can accompany you on such development projects using the innovative technologies that will set the standards for the future.

Technologies used:

  • backend: Strapi, Symfony, Drupal.
  • frontend: ReactJS, NextJS. 

The development of modern digital platforms requires the provision of numerous APIs and, ultimately, web services for various applications. These systems allow such applications to exchange datasets with each other in standardized and versioned formats.

Vanksen offers its services for defining (OpenAPI) and creating web services (REST or SOAP), empowered by its project architecture capabilities and its expertise in NodeJS and PHP backend development.

Scope: decoupled backend, iOT, aggregation middleware and formatting of imported data intended for a frontend application.

Technologies used: ExpressJS, API Platform / Symfony.
Standards: OpenAPI, REST, SOA, SOAP.

Our digital agency’s frontend web development experts support your digital projects: whether you may need the development of reusable components serving a design system, or a complete front-end application. Our web developers and integrators can fit into larger project teams, with UI/UX backend and third-party companies’ web designers (while Vanksen can also autonomously offer these services via our complementary expert hubs).

Example of projects: Frontend web banking application, on and offline utility PWA, Frontend integration of models, design system development, etc. 


As a brand, it's crucial to maintain your digital applications to ensure security, durability, and cost control. By building your digital platform with an appropriate technical solution, you can ensure that your application can evolve continuously without incurring massive redesign costs. This approach allows you to keep full control of your annual budget and spread the maintenance and evolution costs of your platform over the medium term.

At Vanksen, we offer various maintenance services to help you keep your digital applications up-to-date. Our experts have extensive experience in maintaining web platforms and are well-versed in using open source technologies to optimize performance and reduce maintenance costs. We offer task and intervention monitoring through the Atlassian, Jira, and Confluence suite tools, which enable us to provide real-time updates and collaborate with your team to quickly resolve any issues that arise. By partnering with us for your maintenance needs, you can focus on your core business while we take care of your digital platform.

TPAM or Third-Party Application Maintenance, allows you to provision and spread the annual preventive maintenance budget through time. Thus, our teams of developers can intervene to apply security patches and new versions of software (CMS/Framework) and modules used in your project.

These interventions are pre-planned for the year, on a variable basis depending on the technical foundation to be maintained (monthly, quarterly or half-yearly) giving you access to an anticipated interventions’, tests’ and releases’ planning, over the duration of the contract.

Beyond the applicative maintenance which guarantees the sustainability of the technical base, it seems essential to us to consider all the prospects for the evolution of your platform for your brand to reach its full digital potential and in terms of business growth. 

We mainly offer two methods specific to each need in terms of functional evolutions:

  1. Minor changes
    Based on the needs that you identify over time, as part of a ticketing envelope. These tickets are planned according to the availability of resources and the level of urgency of the request.
  2. New features
    More substantial developments (new functionalities, new templates, structural changes, etc.) are managed through a fixed-price project mode.

Throughout the year, we provide you with standby teams to deal with bugs or other urgent micro-tasks when required. 

We assign a key contact to your company in order to record demands in the Jira tool, to guarantee the optimal handling of the requests and keep a record of the project history.  

A web application is subject to constant evolution, including updates, new feature releases, bug fixes, and added content. These elements can affect the performance of the digital platform compared to its initial post-production state. Furthermore, as devices and web browsers continue to evolve, it is crucial to adopt a continuous improvement approach and monitor the performance of your application over time.

At Vanksen, our team of technical experts takes a proactive approach to ensure your digital platforms are constantly improving. We focus on various areas, including:

  • loading speed
  • core web vitals 
  • page weight
  • user experience

Our complete monitoring solutions are aligned with the latest devices and browsers on the market, ensuring optimal performance for your web application. By working with us, you can rest assured that your web application will continue to deliver high-quality performance even as technology advances.

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