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E-reputation & social listening agency


Social media has changed the way people interact and has given them the power to communicate in both ways. This new balance of power is both a threat and an opportunity for a brand's reputation. For good or ill, it has a direct impact on the business. Managing your e-reputation has become a strategic priority!

Vanessa Diemer, Social Listening Director

A brand's reputation is primordial for the company. It is built with substantial investment and must therefore be protected. 
While the topic is not new, digitalization and social media have contributed to make brands more vulnerable.

Like it or not, your customers, your employees, your detractors, your allies, all your stakeholders are talking about you in the open. They have always done so, but the channels on which they do so today are powerful amplifiers and echo chambers. 

Faced with these challenges, it is essential to seek out expert guidance to help with your e-reputation monitoring. 

Vanksen and its team of e-reputation experts will support you in your digital strategy and in protecting your reputation thanks to their social listening capacities.  

  • Understand press coverage and internet commentary related to your brands and your reputation
  • Analyze and classify how critical and serious is the content published by mainstream and social media
  • Measure in real time the health of your brand and the impact of your communication
  • Monitor the market and your competitors 
  • Detect success factors in terms of e-reputation and communication, enabling you to design more effective strategies and campaigns
  • Identify weak signals to anticipate and better manage digital crises 
  • Make recommendations for remedial action
  • Put crisis management processes in place

  • Analysis of e-reputation strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats 
  • Assessment of your brand’s health over a given period 
  • Identification of supportive communities and detractors 
  • Identification of brand boundary to defend 
  • Identification of potential threats

  • Definition of the listening strategy and the monitoring perimeters
  • Drafting queries using Boolean operators: topics / themes / custom filters / etc.
  • Setting up monitoring tools
  • Optimization of client tool settings: needs audits, tool analysis, implementation of best practices
  • Data maintenance / Data care: updating and cleaning 
  • Daily monitoring and personalized alerts in reaction to sensitive online activity 
  • Reputation monitoring

  • Implementation of reinforced monitoring
  • Risk analysis and summary of the issues
  • Anticipation and identification of weak signals
  • Support in establishing a digital crisis management system
  • Reactive community management
  • On-call systems for 7-day monitoring
  • Post-crisis management

  • Identification of detractors and favorable communities (brand ambassadors, customers, employees)
  • Establishing a SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) strategy:
    • Implementation of an adapted content strategy  
    • Optimisation of content for SEO
    • Recommending and implementing a customer advocacy strategy 

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Our strengths

  • A global scope of analysis: worldwide coverage and multilingual processing
  • Mastery of the main social listening tools on the market: Brandwatch, Digimind, Emplifi, Linkfluence, Meltwater, Sprinklr, Synthesio, Talkwalker, Synthesio, Talkwalker, Visibrain, Infegy, Brand24, Trendkite …
  • Formats and means of communication that are fully personalized and adjusted to your news and needs.