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Web and digital communication agency in Metz


Vanksen is an international communication agency, which specialises in digital marketing and communication.

Vanksen is a communication and digital marketing agency based in Metz. We work with brands to achieve sustainable business performance. We do this by implementing appropriate tools to meet strategic and tactical goals.

Our Metz digital agency guarantees proximity to clients in Lorraine and the Grand Est region. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the local area, its market and its unique nature, our experts can offer you innovative, relevant and result-generating web marketing concepts.

Our goal

We work to adapt each client’s web ecosystem to enable them to achieve sustainable business communication goals.

We have the expertise to meet your needs:

  1. Brand design: create brand experiences that are fair, distinctive and sustainable
  2. Brand protection: create online security boundaries to protect your brand’s integrity
  3. Digital platform: build, maintain and optimise all your digital platforms: your brand's contact points with its users
  4. Social media: design and deploy your conversational and community strategies on all social media
  5. Performance: create the right blend of tactical digital approaches to generate growth
  6. Data & Analytics: collecting and analysing data which will subsequently drive your strategic plans
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