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Automotive & Digital Marketing

Who can talk about automobiles and mobility nowadays without mentioning digital communication levers? Technological innovation continues to redefine the sector and continuously pushes it to question and renew itself.

Digital in the automotive industry: initiator of change, provider of solutions

Digital is not only the source of most of the evolutions in terms of mobility, it is also the key for adaptation. The rise of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence or even datamining offer new avenues of evolution complementary to digital lever that can now be considered “traditional”. For brands, these innovations are equally opportunities and challenges of their day-to-day efforts.

How is the automotive industry adapting to these changes? What digital devices are compatible with our new ways of experiencing automobiles and mobility? Through this whitepaper, we set the current context, trace the ideal user journey from notoriety to conversion and analyze the events that shook the automotive market throughout 2017.

The whitepaper is available (in French) here . Fasten your seatbelts!