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Socio-digital evolutions and micro-communities: what business opportunities do they offer for brands?

Posted by:Nesem Ertan

Creative Strategist

Posted by:Romain Wilmet

Communication manager

This is the question that the new Vanksen study "Connecting The Digital Dots in 2023" aims to answer. In 2023, conducting periodic monitoring to display individual trends loses its meaning. Socio-digital evolutions are constant. Behaviors and innovations fluctuate organically, iteratively, and continuously. 

In this context, Vanksen experts have attempted to translate them into a mind-mapping in order to better visualize the correlations impacting brands in their digital strategies.  
They can thus better understand the dos and don'ts adapted to their DNA and business challenges, activate technological, tactical, marketing, and communication levers that generate meaning and performance for them and their communities.

Mapping to better understand

In this digital mapping, there are three types of dots representing either a user insight, a socio-economic trend, or a digital response to these new challenges and opportunities. Vanksen connects them and maps the flows of innovation that surround us.

This approach offers two levels of reading, macro and micro, which aim to enable brands to:

  • Understand the "beta world" in which we live every day and the interrelationships between the "dots of change" identified in the study
  • Discover the 5 roles that internet users want to play fully (member, partner, user, creator, gamer) in order to adapt offers, services, ecosystems, and content for their communities

Defining the concrete impact on brands' digital strategies

The study is punctuated with "Empowering Questions" involving each of Vanksen's expertise to provide a concrete and always performance-oriented perspective. This analysis makes a direct link between socio-digital events and their concrete impact on a brand's digital strategy.

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