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Employee Advocacy: Turn your employees into better brand ambassadors

Scandals, trust shifts, abuse... while trust towards Executive positions keeps depleting, the employees' influence rose to a level where it now has surpassed its superiors'.

In just twenty years, the employees' voice has evolved from a rather silent opinion to being the most effective communication channel for a company, thus deeply redefining corporate communication stakes and speech mechanisms internally as well as externally.

Employees embody trust, proximity and transparency and can now use their newly-acquired power through very simple and accessible (yet powerful) digital means.

A question has therefore to be asked: How to take advantage of this new power of influence to serve a company's best interests?

This is what we invite you to discover by reading our latest study: "Employee Advocacy: Turn your employees into better ambassadors".

First, we explore the meaning of the term Employee Advocacy and the origin of this powerful trend, followed by a few key figures that help grasp the importance of the approach. We note, for example, that “leads developed through employee generated social marketing convert 7 times more often than other leads”.

Our experts analyze the best practices that can you help develop an Employee Advocacy Program within your company so they can become efficient "advocates" of your brand. Our white paper will also invite you to discover the 3 key steps to build such a program: empathize, build and create.

  • From the definition of your objectives, the determination of the right questions to ask yourself from the start, the selection of the right communication messages and the right digital transformation levers.
  • All of which is demonstrated through case studies of world renown brands such as Vodafone, Starbucks, Reebok…

Explore our whitepaper here and if you would like to build your program with the help of our experts, contact us.