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Deep dive

Find inspiration in the “social media best practices USA”

We benchmarked 7 industries on 6 social networks

American brands always stand out for their ability to use social networks creatively and intelligently, regardless of their fields of activity, both in BtoB and BtoC.

In its latest white paper, Vanksen analyzes the Social Media practices of companies from 7 major industries: finance, automotive, cosmetics, agri-food, industry, textiles and entertainment. We benchmarked the best practices of USA based brands on 6 social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Key figures and analysis to help your brand emerge

Our analysis provides with key learnings, ideas and tips to help develop your Social Media strategy. Our experts also offer their visions and their answers to some burning questions that advertisers often ask themselves, such as: "Which networks should be prioritized?" or “Can we create engagement on social networks, regardless of our industry?".

Explore our white paper (in French) now and start empowering your Social Media strategy!