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Deep dive

What’s your Drive-to-Store strategy?

The pureplayers are coming!

Amazon’s diversification strategy (via the purchase of WholeFoods, the launch of Amazon Go, etc.), is pushing retailers to face the arrival of pure players on their playgrounds. They will no longer have a monopoly on “the physical experience” which is consumers continue to love: 60% of younger generations still prefer to do their shopping in stores!

Highly connected consumers

On the other hand, the shopper has also evolved. It’s no news to anyone that they are ultra-connected and mobile savvy. Each generation of shoppers have their own preferences and expectations that must be respected if we want to engage them positively.

Building your communication strategy

The rise of mobile devices amongst other evolutions is highly influencing the changes of tj shopper journeys. We analyze these shifts with precision, in order to identify the key touchpoints connecting the consumer with the brand, and to use them efficiently. Which will be the right message, the right content, the right information, addressed to the right audience, at the right time? That needs to be the question.

The right digital levers to generate Drive-To-Store

In this new whitepaper, Vanksen explores the different levers that help generate Drive-to-Store (DTS), using the tools offered by Google or social networks. We also study the ways in which new technologies are transforming traditional direct marketing and "out of home" tools to offer new experiences to consumers. We share with you the tremendous opportunities offered by applications embedded in everyone's smartphone and we imagine what tomorrow's points of sale will look like with chatbots, dematerialized and audio interfaces, virtual reality and augmented reality opening new possibilities each day…

The learnings of this whitepaper may surprise you. Explore it here in its original French language.