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Brand protection

Abeille Assurances

How we support a general insurance company on a daily basis to better monitor and protect its online reputation and improve client satisfaction

Major French generalist insurance company, Abeille Assurances, an Aéma Groupe brand since october 2021, offers a wide range of insurance, protection, savings, retirement products and services to over 3.1 million clients. 

The challenge

In an ultra-competitive market and a complex socio-economic context, Abeille Assurances wants to monitor and understand what is being said about its brand.
The goal is to monitor and analyze not only corporate content but also content generated by clients in various areas not controlled by the brand (review sites, forums, blogs, social media, etc.).

The project and its results

Vanksen supports Abeille Assurances in monitoring its reputation on various aspects.   

Daily monitoring helps identify sensitive mentions or negative content in order to alert the client and make recommendations about the actions to be taken.  

Visibility and performance reports, including a competitive analysis, sent on a monthly and quarterly basis allows Abeille Assurances to benefit from a more global vision and enables it to position itself in its market, in relation to competing brands. 

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