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Brand design


How we conducted a branding mission for a luxury and organic cosmetics player to help them develop a distinctive brand voice and image in a highly competitive market

Paoma is a young brand of luxury and organic cosmetics. Without compromise, the products successfully combine sensory appeal with environmental respect. 

The challenge

Paoma has a strong distribution network in luxury spas in France. However, the brand is still relatively young and not widely known to the general public. Therefore, the brand approached Vanksen to help not only develop a strong and distinctive brand image but also to assist in implementing a plan of action to boost its performance. 

The project and its results

We approached this challenge in three phases:

  • In the first phase, we studied and analyzed the brand, its storytelling, its environment, and its competitors to extract concrete market insights and propose an adapted methodology.
  • Following that, we conducted an engaging workshop with the Paoma teams. We came prepared with materials aimed at eliciting their reactions and discussions on various topics such as their vision for the brand, why they created Paoma, where they envision taking it in the future, etc. In addition to these down-to-earth subjects, we also aimed to broaden their perspective on societal issues, touching on the DNA of their brand. The goal was to gather as much material as possible for the third recommendation phase.
  • The mission concluded with a recommendation of concepts and an ecosystem. Three creative directions were expressed in the form of mood boards to assist the client in pinpointing the direction they want to take the brand. We also refined the brand platform and defined a tone of voice tailored to Paoma's target audience. Lastly, a realistic digital ecosystem recommendation was proposed to address the need for performance improvement.