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RAK Porcelain

How we developed a Social Media strategy for a B2B player in the tabletop industry to enhance its awareness and visibility across Europe

RAK Porcelain specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of porcelain tableware for the international hospitality sector. The brand is distributed in 165 countries through a robust distribution network managed by operational divisions located in the United Arab Emirates, New York, and Luxembourg.

The challenge

RAK Porcelain Europe enjoys a strong international reputation among an audience of insiders, represented by chefs or hotel executives. However, this B2B target is highly sought after by numerous players in the sector, both historical and contemporary. It is therefore more crucial than ever to differentiate oneself by adopting a localized strategy tailored to different target markets.

In this context, RAK Porcelain Europe enlisted the expertise of Vanksen to develop an editorial strategy, enabling them to enhance their visibility to reach new prospects and also to foster loyalty among the existing customer base.

The project and its results

Our Strategic Advisory and Social Media teams worked collaboratively with RAK Porcelain Europe to define an engaging Social Media strategy that addresses the two main objectives: developing the brand's awareness and that of its collections, while also generating business.

The digital ecosystem is designed to be complementary, addressing different targets and markets on specific channels with tailored messages. As a guiding principle, an editorial line was established highlighting the expertise and creativity of RAK Porcelain in serving the HORECA* industry. Illustrated by a graphic charter that enhances the visual universe of the brand, the various editorial pillars underscore the excellence and commitment of RAK Porcelain, always keeping the human element at the core.

Editorial schedules and the tone of voice are adapted to each platform: dynamic and aspirational on Facebook and Instagram, premium and engaging on LinkedIn.

Finally, a tactical media strategy supports editorial efforts to further develop the brand's awareness and effectively reach each of the key audiences.

* Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés

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