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Travel insurance actor

How we developed a BtoC service application for a travel insurance brand in the context of a pandemic and beyond, in order to build proximity and/or brand preference with international customers

This travel insurance is Europe's largest insurer and the world’s fourth largest asset manager. It offers a variety of services, from property and casualty insurance to life cover.

The challenge

Vanksen has been assisting the brand with its SEO challenges since 2012: the definition of recommendations according to current business priorities (audit, receipts); coordination with development teams; website migration; domain name change, etc.

The brand wanted to create a service platform which would further enhance the proximity of of its travel insurance offering to retail consumers, while also helping to build loyalty. They did this by providing useful tools and functionalities which would enable planning for a range of circumstances, bringing complete peace of mind to clients in the face of risks and uncertainties.

This is a multi-purpose platform with wide ranging functionality. It enables efficient account creation, it facilitates airport lounge access when there are flight delays, it provides information on compensation, there are trip planning options, and much more.

The project and its results

The travel insurance teams had already developed internally an initial vision for the design of this website. Our experts began by collecting and synthesizing the brand's needs and objectives, then evaluated these foundations. This enabled us to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a high-performance end product.

In just four months, our teams were able to develop a first version of the website on Drupal (in Spain, Germany, and then also in France). We used collaborative design session stages for aspects such as UX and design expertise, the development of prototypes, functionality proposals, and so on. 

Less than two years after the first version of the website was developed, the service became available in five countries, in five languages (Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch). This helped the site achieve good visibility on search engines thanks to efficient natural referencing, with the application going on to generate more than 125,000 accounts. Several options for further upgrades of the application are being considered.

The client were satisfied with the result, and then wanted to develop the offering worldwide. This required a transition to a more robust technical platform, so the scope of the project changed to encompass migration support. This featured data analysis via Hotjar, Microsoft Clarity and Adobe Analytics, technical project management, user story writing, functional specifications and testing.

Vanksen demonstrated once again their strong skills and expertise in multiple digital domains, resulting in high support levels us during our projects
Hervé P. - Head of B2C Digital Delivery & Customer Care