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Brand Content Strategy

Today, it is no longer just the conversion rate nor the number of "likes" that matter to brands, but rather commitment, proximity and loyalty. They seek to build a real community and therefore have to be different, unique and generate quality content to maintain this relationship with their consumers.

What is Brand Content?

“Brand Content” refers to content produced by a brand for advertising or image purposes. It must serve the positioning of the brand, its values and its identity.

Brand Content can take many shapes and forms: articles, advice, interviews, videos, infographics, etc. It enables brands to adapt their speech and touchpoints to their marketing goals and targets. However, in order for the content to emerge and to be engaging, it must meet several criteria such as being easily shareable or being useful to the Internet user.

Unlike sponsorship or sponsoring, Brand Content gives the brand total control of its image.

Brand content for effective brand strategies

With the proliferation of information channels, brands are increasingly turning to Brand Content. Nevertheless, this democratization forces them to be creative if they want to stand out from competition.

Brands like Red Bull, Coca-Cola and Heineken are often pointed out as examples for having succeeded in carrying out an original content strategy, in line with their identity and adapted to their targets’ expectations. But Brand Content is not solely reserved to these behemoths. Each brand can create content according to its objectives and resources. Through 20 examples, Vanksen analyzes alternative differentiation strategies and highlights the results these initiatives have generated: increased sales, increased interactions on social networks, positive brand image, etc.

Vanksen helps brands define their brand content strategies

Thanks to its “Brand Content” team, Vanksen regularly accompanies brands on their content creation projects. By following specific steps (definition of needs, target audiences, etc.), the agency establishes a Brand Content strategy that corresponds to the brand, its expectations and its goals.

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