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Deep dive

Wine industry & digital marketing: which opportunities for your brand?

In the digital age, technological and mobility related evolutions facilitate exchanges, influence transactions and impact users habits. The roles within the global market are redistributed. The wine sector is facing new challenges and new opportunities are emerging.

The changing wine market

The wine market is currently experiencing significant changes. One of the major observations was a drop in consumption amongst young people worldwide. Wine producers also have to deal with several constraints, such as the Evin law. In this context, digital marketing can offer important opportunities and most importantly it can increase a brand’s visibility and generate purchases.

Strengthen the brand’s image and the customer relationship through digital marketing

A lot of wine producers are not even present on the internet yet. In order to establish their brand on the digital realm, they must establish a presence strategy by defining their needs, their targets and the platforms on which they wish to express themselves. Our white paper describes the different steps to be taken and offers advice for the development of an effective digital strategy. Through tangible examples, the study focuses amongst other things on aesthetics and web design, both key elements for a luxury market such as wine.

E-commerce: a major asset

E-commerce is progressing continuously and the customers see it as a “must”. The wine market is no exception to the rule as online sales are on the rise. A few key players seem to be sharing the market amongst them while websites specializing in online wine selling are multiplying day by day.

Explore our whitepaper in its original French language here .